SCCW Kairos Resident Testimonial


Kairos for me was in April of 2007, a little over a year after my admittance to prison serving a 16-21 year sentence.

I had no questions for anyone about Kairos. I’m the type of person who’ll sign up for anything just to see what it’s about. The word “Kairos” intrigued me. I assumed it was Latin or Greek and so thought I was getting ready to participate in a cultural celebration.

Fast forward to opening our “mail”. I’d enjoyed the weekend thus far. The ease of communication, the genuine love. But to receive those letters from people who weren’t there, didn’t know me, who shared life’s experiences, joys and disappointments that were so much like my own I could have written them myself. To have these people write that they loved me - - - I felt the presence of God move within me. A hug, fully enveloped and pulled against His chest – from the inside of my heart and mind out toward my physical body.

I cried because I had set my mind on not feeling loved for at least 16 years.

Since then my Kairos on the Outside sisters have kept in touch, continued to share their lives and give prayer and support. They remember me from 2007 – by name! One member became my chaplain when I was transferred to Neuse prison in 2018. She was the first familiar face I saw as I stepped off the bus.

I have Kairos Sisters that were incarcerated with me and have gone home who still write and send messages. We lift each other up in prayer and love. My Kairos Community is the only network that I have encountered in prison that feels truly genuine, no reservations. People are from all walks of life but we all Listen Listen Love Love. 

SCCW Kairos Volunteer Testimonial

 I attended my very first Kairos closing as a guest. After listening to the testimonies of the residents and how Our Loving God was touching the lives of these women, I heard God speak to me and let me know He wanted me to be part of this ministry. I served on my first weekend in 2018 , and I believe my heart was just as touched by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit who was present the entire weekend, as the residents were. God showed up in His awesome Glory to show the residents just how much they are loved by Him and  the servants He has sent outside the walls of the facility. I look forward each month to our monthly prayer and share in order to show my support to the residents and hear and see how God is using Kairos to make disciples and build relationships behind prison walls.